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  • I don't understand the inconsistency in people.

    I have friends who were very pro Bill Clinton in spite of his sexual scandals. Defended the former President's actions, shot down and belittled his accusers. Twenty years later they are anti-Trump because of sexual scandals.

    OTOH, I have friends who are very pro Trump in spite of his treatment of women. They defend him, and attack his accusers. Twenty years ago, all they could talk about was Bill Clinton's morals and character.

    I can only conclude that either:

    1) Many of my friends' attitudes towards woman and sexual assault have flipped 180 degrees in the past 20 years.


    2) We are so consumed in #teamred vs #teamblue that nothing else matters.

    20 Years ago I was anti Bill Clinton because of his treatment of women. Today I am anti Donald Trump because of his treatment of women. I am neither #teamred nor #teamblue. I believe that the person who leads this county's morals and character matter.

    Do not take this as an endorsement of Hillary. I am just amazed by the hypocrisy of a number of my friends on this matter.

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