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  • 1st Attempt Shooting Star Trails

    So this isn't what I thought it would be but it was a 1st attempt...

    I was trying to shoot star trails but had issues with condensation on my lens. I tried cleaning the lens between shots but the camera must have moved slightly so it isn't as sharp as I wanted.

    Did some research next time I'll try attaching some of those pocket hand warmers to the lens.

    For those interested The picture is composted from 180 shots taken over 2 hours.

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  • Today in mildly offensive emails.

    Please have the guts to sign your name.

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  • Thoughts About the LIRR Class Action Lawsuit

    For the last few months I've been living in the same horrible conditions on the LIRR as many of my friends and I understand the frustration and wanting to get something out of the MTA to punish them for the poor conditions, delays and constant late trains. I've lost time, money and credibility due to the constant unpredictability of the LIRR. I have clients that won't hire people from Long Island and NJ because they're tired of it. I understand. I'm mad.

    The only thing that will make me madder is this lawsuit. Let's think about it:

    First off, from what I've seen in live class action lawsuits only enrich lawyers. Think about it... the plaintiffs get a small credit for services, the lawyers make millions. Looking at last couple of class action suits in which I received an award, I expect the settlement will be a free zone 1 city ticket,

    The MTA isn't a profit making company. It gets money in one of 2 ways: through fares and taxes. Both of which you and I pay. I'm willing to bet anyone "folding money" that any benefit I get will cost me more in the long run in fare and tax increases.

    All this feels like a quick way to transfer tax dollars to lawyers.

    I'm not saying that the MTA shouldn't be held responsible, perhaps through the ballet box, but suing them will cost us more then we benefit.

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