• Today's Trivia Question

    What do Donald Trump and Lady Gaga have in common?

  • Bad Logo Design

    This is an iSmart Charger

  • Please tell me none of you are using these

    Someone on Facebook asked what the issue with using these would be. My answer was:

    As you know, USB provides both power and data connectivity. I don't know if I'm connecting it to a computer or just an outlet. A computer could take advantage of an exploit on the phone / tablet and slurp data or install data on the phones. I feel the same way about charging stations at airports, malls and conferences.

    If you must use one, practice safe charging ...

  • The Plan
  • You think Trump linking Cruz's family to the Kennedy Assassination is bad?

    Just wait until he links Bernie to the Lincoln Assassination.

  • I've Been Receiving Emails from Saints

    Since I'm in tech and, in a former life, was a hiring manager, I'm on a number of mailing list for recruiting firms and receive several emails a day with lists of people who are available for work. Yesterday, I received an email from Dominic Savio. When I opened it I thought to myself, "self, that's the name of the boy saint who was a student of St. John Bosco, interesting coincidence", and went about my day. Today I received another email from the same firm from "Maria Mazzarello" who shares a name with another student of Don Bosco's; St Maria Mazzarello who founded the Salesian Sisters. A little digging though my email shows me that every email I receive from this firm comes from someone with the same name as a Catholic Saint.

    The firm is based in South Asia (like most IT recruiting agencies these days), and I understand that sometimes the client relations folks in these firms will take European sounding names in order to better connect with their clients but I find it interesting that they are using Saints' names.

  • I'm glad that Tubman is going to be on the $20.

    I am concerned that if inflation for the next 4 years looks the same as the last, in 2020 the $20 bill will be worth $18.46 in today's money.

  • For those keeping score...

    princeisalive.com was registered today at 1:26PM EDT.

  • A note for Zach Snyder

    Just saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Really didn't like it. There's something I have to get off my chest. Spoilers below.

    Batman Does Not Use Guns

    It's a key part of his character in modern times. Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed by guns, for this simple reason he won't use one. There are no guns built into the Batmobile, there are no guns in the Batwing. Even if he takes it off his enemy, he doesn't use a gun.

    Yes, someone will point out that in the Golden Age of Comics Batman used guns regularly but that was the 1930's and 1940's. Any modern telling of Batman involves an aversion to guns that is somewhere between an oath never to use guns to a downright phobia of guns.

    More then the killing, more then the poor characterizations, Batman using a gun really bothered me.

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