• The Tax Truck

    First Ice Cream Trucks
    Then Knife Shapening Trucks
    Then Taco Trucks
    Now... CPA Trucks.

    Should I get a truck? Travel from street to street writing code.

  • Airport Security Lines


    Someone asked what I thought about the lines at the TSA, here was my answer:

    "I think the largest liability in airline security is the line. Terrorist can get in line waits til he's in the middle where there's a lot of people around and *boom*. Just like in Brussels. If the police, bomb sniffing dogs, TSA, etc begin to approach you while you are in line *boom*. But I spend 1/2 my life think of and finding vulnerabilities in websites, so I look at these things differently."

    Many of my friends will tell you that for years I've felt the bottleneck in the security was the weak point. The attack in Brussels on the insecure side of the airport validated that thought.

  • Overheard in the Elevator

    2 people complaining that it took a coworker 3 hours to respond to an email sent at 2:30AM:

    "How hard it it to roll over, check you email, respond and go back to sleep"

    Remember it's no longer about work / life balance, it's now about work / life integration.

  • Today's Trivia Question

    What do Donald Trump and Lady Gaga have in common?

  • Bad Logo Design

    This is an iSmart Charger

  • Please tell me none of you are using these

    Someone on Facebook asked what the issue with using these would be. My answer was:

    As you know, USB provides both power and data connectivity. I don't know if I'm connecting it to a computer or just an outlet. A computer could take advantage of an exploit on the phone / tablet and slurp data or install data on the phones. I feel the same way about charging stations at airports, malls and conferences.

    If you must use one, practice safe charging ...

  • The Plan
  • You think Trump linking Cruz's family to the Kennedy Assassination is bad?

    Just wait until he links Bernie to the Lincoln Assassination.

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