Hi, I'm Sean Reiser, New York City based technologist. I have spent the past 25 years working as a programmer, system architect and development manager for a number companies. In the past I mainly with financial firms and media companies, these days I spend more time as an independent contractor. For lack of a better description, I consider myself a bit mason. You see, I come from a family of brick masons who used trowels to shape bricks and mortar into buildings. To continue the family tradition, I sit at my shiny computer and use Drupal, PHP, HTML, and CSS to shape bits into websites. I feel blessed to have found a career that I enjoy and find challenging while I provide value to others.

Whether in front of a computer or not, I'm what the average person would consider a geek (I know the bowtie was your first clue). I tend to spend what little free time I have spending time with friends, reading, practicing my photography and the like. My goal is an hour of non-work related reading a day and to get though a book a week, on any number of topics from fiction, to politics, to security. I am a science fiction fan and enjoy everything from Star Wars to Asimov. I particularly geek out over Doctor Who.

About This Site

This site is, obviously, my personal site and is a bit of a smorgasbord of content I post. The site has 2 purposes: to show off content I post across the web and as a playground for me to try out new web development concepts.

The site is currently built in Drupal 7. The front end is built on Bootstap and is a drupalized version of Bootstrap's writer theme which is heavily influenced by medium's design.

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Beware of computer programmers that carry screwdrivers.
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